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How do people stop cringing when acting?


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How do people do it? I have a drama project coming up and I wrote a script. I'm trying to practice it and it's so hard to say things without feeling weird about it... Anyone know how to just stop dying inside? Even for just a bit??

The script (I act as Kris):

Kris (Isa) throws door open and starts to walk passed Ariel.

Ariel: "Oh my God, Kris! What happened!? You look terrible!"

Kris: "I'm fine, Ariel. It's nothing."

Ariel: "No dude, tell me what happened. You look like hell."

Kris: "Yea, I was just there."

Ariel: "Oookkkay?...well, you were with Charlie right? Where is she?

Kris: "I don't know or care about where that jerk is.

Ariel: Woah! That’s your older sister you're talking about!

Kris: Well maybe she shouldn’t have left me in a grocery store on black Friday!

Ariel: She- wait what?

Kris: She left to do something that was probably unimportant and when I tried to get apple juice someone gave me an uppercut! I tried to fight back but I ended up running. I also walked by the TVs and got takled! Then some brat took my wallet and I lost all my money!

Charlie starts to open door

Ariel: Uh-oh! She's back!

Kris rolls their eyes

Charlie: *waves behind her* bye guys!
*walks in with arms out* Wazzzaappppp!- Oh damn Kris! What happened?

Kris: You happened! Scratch that, you didn't happen!

Charlie: huh?

Kris: You left me at the store! To hang with your friends it seems.

Charlie: Oh yea! Sorry about that! *laughs*

Kris: Charlie! Don't laugh, this isn't funny! I needed help!

Charlie: Then why didn't you call me?

Kris: I did! You didn't answer!

Charlie: You did? *takes out phone and scrolls through missed calls* Oh! You did. Um... My phone was on silent...

Kris: Of course it was...

Charlie: Oh well:)! You look fineeeee

Kris YEAH SURE! Multiple of my fingers are dislocated and I'm pretty sure that my left unla is broken but I'm. Just. Fineeee.

Charlie: Um....

Kris: On top of THAT I lost my wallet!

Charlie: Then just work more or something.

Kris: I work like 90 hours a week! Okay, less than that. But still! And you have no right to say that when you're an unemployed idiot!

Charlie: *gasp!* I'm your older sister! How dare you disrespect me like that!

Kris: *scoffs* Yea you're older but you don't act like it.

Charlie pushes Kris

Charlie: Shut your mouth! Maybe it's a good thing that I left you in the grocery store! I wish you never made it out!

Kris is wide eyed then slaps Charlie and leaves the stage.

Ariel: Damn, that was crazy.

Charlie: *stares at floor* Yeaaaaa

End scene

I know it's not that good lol and if I should change anything lmk pls. :)

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2 hours ago, TrueEvergreen said:

When I'm acting, I usually try to just replace my thoughts with that of the character, because if the character doesn't think it's awkward, then I wont

Ohhhhh, that actually makes so much sense lol. Thx! :)

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On 12/10/2023 at 6:15 PM, hemogoblin said:

Lean into it! Let it be weird and awkward! That's kinda the fun of it. :)

Lmao thanks. I never ended up doing the proformance because I got sick. I do have a presentation to do in drama about an actor lolz.

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