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The human brain is amazingly weird


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I find it fascinating that even though we learn more and more about human psychology there are still so many times when we experience things that are just hard to even put into words. I wanted to make a thread for everyone to share states of mind that felt weird to them.

This thread could contain triggers for distressing thoughts and feelings I suppose.

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It's a phenomenon that I heard from other people, too, but it's quite scary: I sometimes remember information in dreams that I don't consciously know.

It's rare, but it happens. And it was always random, silly factoids.

It seems I picked up the information maybe in early childhood and forgot it, or maybe it sank in subconsciously (TV on while doing housework). But in a dream it comes to the surface again.

For example, I dreamed that I visited some friends in Hungary (I don't know anyone there and never visited that country) and drank beer with them, but made them furious by clinking glasses! My attempts to apologize made everything worse, and it escalated to the point when I was thrown out and banned from entering the country.

I remembered that dream because it was so strange, and later I learned that it is really true that clinking glasses is considered rude in Hungary.

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THIS IS SO UNBELIEVEABLY REAL!!! It's such a simple statement, yet I don't think I've ever related to something more. It's actually the main reason why I consider studying psychology in the future!!

I unfortunately have a really hard time collecting my thoughts, so I can't really recall all of the things I find fascinating... Though my first thought when I saw this thread was how impactful are our past experiences when it comes to even the simplest aspects of our world view. Like, for example - someone said something rude to me in kindergarten? Okay, I'm going to make it the foundation of my self worth for the next few years. 

I also find dreams and thoughts to be really inquiring. For example - I have this one dream that has been chasing me for like 8 years already....?!?!? It always begins with me guideing a group around an art gallery that's located on a ship, and then finding some historical artifact which transports me to ancient times.

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Dreams can certainly be very weird. I dreamt last night I was going into space and it was very stressful to fix all of the preparations. Then right before I was going to go out in vacuum with a suit I realized that actually maybe my mission weren't really needed and just something we had gotten in our heads we needed to do.

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Intuition: We pick up and store more information than we're consciously aware of. Our dreaming-brains plays with these memories like a bored toddler rummaging around in a library, dragging out all kinds of things including books and other items that were buried, forgotten, unsorted, coverless and uncatalogued.

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