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Why is infatuation so important to allos?


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Allos can be infatuated to anyone spontaneously, maybe not love at first sight but the feeling can suddenly come up. It can also suddenly go away as well. If infatuation is so fleeting, and if the feeling obscures who the person really is, then why do allos make so many movies and song about infatuation? It seems to get in the way of knowing who the person truly is stopping someone from achieving true love ( by that I mean love based on knowing and accepting who the person really is and loving each other from a foundation of truth.)  Why does someone else have to reciprocate this temporary feeling that only impedes the most important step of a relationship. 

Infatuation seems incredibly unproductive to my aro mind. Well it brings people together...sometimes, but if the other doesn't feel equally infatuated in this strange love lottery charade then its taken as a loss. This sudden spark of attraction called infatuation seems to bring more problems than solutions. I mean sometimes I think there is a fat flying diaper man messing with us all. 





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