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sick of uni already


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so Iran's universities' slogan is "crush culture" 

before uni, schools are single sex so when young stupid kids enter uni and confront the opposite sex, things get messy. everyone somehow manages to fall in love during the first month, people breakup with their previous partners with the hope of finding better partners at uni, well you get the idea.

now imagine my aromantic brain in this corrupted environment, im going mad.  i dont dare to talk to boys bc they will think i'm looking for a bf and im sick of talking to girls bc all they can talk about is love life.

well now i have come back home for the weekend after 3 weeks in that place, and god it feels relaxing.


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yeah i have been told people would get used to it by the second year, but it's still such a long way to go.

this week i started to talking to people and communicating a bit, there is this kinda popular boy in our class who keeps on saying hello to me every 5min and say nice funny shits like that. he does it with everyone so i kinda thought it might be good for me to kinda befriend him and respond to his efforts, until yesterday he fucking blew me several fucking kisses. god i just dont waant to see him again.

i might die until people learn to behave humanly

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