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conflicting feelings about loveless


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im about 2/3 of the way through loveless by alice oseman and honestly thrilled to have representation and it’s a well written book but reading it kinda feels sucky at times. like on one hand love getting representation and characters to relate to but also kinda going through the grief i felt realizing i was aroace again reading georgia coming to terms with her sexuality. like it can be an isolating sucky experience and still being completely closeted after three years feels shitty and it’s kinda just bringing up a lot of the shitty feelings i have about my own sexuality while also being a really good book about finding yourself and ahhhhhhh 

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Remember to be kind to yourself with the books you read! Loveless absolutely has a lot of great representation and it's awesome for a lot of people but that doesn't mean it's right for you! It's ok to put down a book that makes you uncomfortable and it's ok to not enjoy a book that most people seem to love. Take care of your own feelings before anything else. And btw, if you want any other aro rep books that don't explore the identity as much (simply have a character who's aro) then I'd recommend checking out Rosiee Thor's books, Tarnished are the Stars, or Fire Becomes Her.

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