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Barbie Movie

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When the Barbie movie came out, ace social media was exploding with ace and aroace Barbie memes/talk/etc. not because that's specifically canon but because of how relatable she was in this way. She wasn't interested in Ken even though she was expected to be. She wasn't interested in anyone. When she goes to the real world and gets street harassed, she explains that she has no genitalia whatsoever and is totally unbothered by this fact even though it makes Ken insecure. So, I see it!

I was wondering how aros felt about Barbie from the Barbie movie. Did y'all also feel some connection or find her relatable?

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I hadn't thought about this before and to be honest I don't remember much about the movie - but I do really like it. I like how it showed different kinds of relationships not necessarily romance focused. I liked the brotherhood between the Kens then the sisterhood with the Barbies. The arc with the mother and daughter also hit close to home for both me and my mom.

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