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Heartstopper season two


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I watched season two of heartstopper on my parents Netflix when I was pet sitting. I enjoyed it a lot. I didn't see any specific post about it so I made one in case anyone wants to share their thoughts. What did you think of the season? Any favorite scenes?

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I enjoyed it though I like season 1 better. I really liked the finale scene between Charlie and Ben. I was disappointed at first when I saw the speech Charlie gives to Harry in the book was cut, but the disappointment were gone when I realized they were just saving it for Ben.

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I don't know how to explain but I guess season was a bit more... feel good? Season 2 was too but it didn't give le the feeling that the show was giving me a virtual hug that covers me with cuteness, or at least not that much.


Now it may just be because selon 2 didn't have the charm of discovery like season 1, and that I had very high expectations I didn't have before.

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