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How did you realized that your crushes what's actually squishes??

Guest zjt

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Howdy! Squishes vs. crushes were definitely weird for me to distinguish. As a kid, I was often confused because I wanted to be close to people (emotionally, mostly, and even holding hands or hugging) but the idea of kissing them or doing anything romantic icked me out. In truth, I really just wanted to be friends! If it was close in a physical manner(like cuddling, etc.) that'd be fine, but romance or dating? Nope, imagining that stuff provided a hard "no thanks" response in my head.

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i've had some times when i thought someone was cool and i'd think about them a lot and want to hang out with them and i figured that was what a crush was... except whenever my thoughts veered toward things like kissing or going on dates or whatever i would inexplicably cringe. then i eventually found out what a squish was and it all finally made sense: i liked them but didn't like like them.

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apparently you want to date and kiss your crush, when all i wanted was extremely close friendship. 

I've entertained the thought occasionally with my closest friend but i have no idea whether i'd actually do it irl.

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