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Hello there.

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I'm unsure if I belong here and am happy not to post if you feel that I don't. I don't fit the usual profile of an aromantic - I've occasionally had relationships and I write sexually charged songs sometimes...but I'm really not into relationships because I find that they always end up making me feel caged. Like clockwork every time around I just end up feeling stifled and wanting my singlehood privileges back. I think it relates to being an introvert - in a relationship I never feel fully alone and therefore never feel fully recharged. I'm also so very not into saying I love you or being mushy in any way. Not into QPRs. They're exactly what I don't want - a relationship.

I would like to form more platonic friendships though because I live in the butt end of nowhere and don't have a whole lot of people I can have an interesting conversation with. I do need 'people time' sometimes and don't really get that other than a weekly ukulele club.

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Welcome! Don’t worry about ‘fitting in’, we are all different and that is cool :)

If you like podcasts, give ‘Solo, the single person’s guide to a remarkable life’ a try sometime. It has a lot of interesting topics about living your life solo, not just about being aromantic.

A weekly ukulele club sounds like fun, do you jam together or choose a couple of songs to prepare in advance?

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