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Signs of a possible aro?


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Okay, this is really random but basically I'm a big baseball fan, and so I follow a lot of baseball accounts on social media, etc. And there's this one baseball player, her name's Kelsie Whitmore and she became famous last year for being the first woman to play on a professional baseball team that's affiliated with Major League Baseball. And recently, I've noticed that Kelsie wears a white ring on her left middle finger. I feel like it's probably just a coincidence, but that's such a strange coincidence? Like the fact that the ring happens to be the correct finger, hand, and color. Anyways, this is a really random topic but I just wanted to mention it somewhere because it got me excited even if it probably doesn't mean anything. I kinda want to message her and casually ask if her ring means anything, but I feel like that would be a little random, and if it doesn't mean anything, it would be a little awkward haha. What do you guys think? Coincidence?

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7 hours ago, Jot-Aro Kujo said:

Interesting. Is she publicly known to be married? If not, I suppose it's possible.

She’s not married at all. I sense the aro vibes from her. Throughout her social media she says nothing of any romantic ventures at all. I think she’s aromantic.

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