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Asexual fetishist


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Offcourse there are persons that are asexuals and that have a fetishs or are persons that are down of asexual spectrum so as there are persons asexuals the asexuals would have a fetish don't alone the persons that not are asexuals (heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual)

the fetish than they feel is not of erotic nature or sexual if not as something more physically and emotional for the persons can be a madness for others not but everyone who live their sexuality there are asexuals persons that have sexual relationships and that their partner have a object that functions as a fetish the asexual person will feel exitation psychologically per the object not by the person there are asexuals persons that they masturbate using fetishs is not nessesary have partner but an accompany good is not such bad for nothing.

the humans we has born sexually active our sexual activity cames from our brain the asexuals don't feel sexual atraction but would have a sexual behaviour there are persons that feel sexual atraction toward the object is say that the object eroticizes and excites their until he reaches a point of orgasm there are asexuals people that don't are sexually atracted toward the fetish is not they find as something emotional there asexuals that are alone in their bedroom and end to masturbate or playing roles with the fetish for example i have fetish the underpants i put the my bigger brother's underpant and i feeled a pleasure or a corrient inside of me i was feeling a erection i known't if was the underpant or i was thinking i don't remember nothing 

the underpant serves as a fetish because you would exiting and to be morbous i feeled something inside of me as a erection i remember that in my school to a classmater have a erection that the marked all the boxer maybe i would or i have this fetish but am i asexual must be this of nature manner i feeled that was other finally i standed insatisfactied.

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