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To whoever put together the AUREA website, thank you so, so much.

Guest kipdotnet

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Guest kipdotnet

Ive struggled all my life trying to put how I felt into words, with self hatred and constant failing relationships, and finally, after all these social nightmares I finally get it.

Im aro. Im aro. It all makes sense. The relief I felt washing over me reading through that FAQ nearly brought me to tears. I resonated with almost every point in it, and ever since ive been trawling through tumblr and forums nearly crying because I finally, finally have an answer, and I know im not alone. Im not broken, Im just aro. The information on that site helped shatter the illusion that everyone else felt the same way as I do. They dont! Im different! I can finally put a name to it, and stop pretending that Im not aro, because I know that im aro now.

Im the happiest ive felt in years.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so, so, so much.

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