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Romantic songs that you like as an aro/arospec?

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Despite being, well, aro, there are lot's of romantic songs I really love and adore!

These consist of the oldies, a few modern ones, and usually don't revolve around the idea of "everyone is looking for love" though granted there's a few songs that I like that have that disdainful belief in them.

The type of romantic songs that I especially enjoy, are usually the ones that consist of the individual singing of how they adore their romantic interest or the singer expressing loudly just their romantic feelings for their muse (I have many favorites of just this variety). Some romantic songs I like can also be read as the individual experiencing tertiary attraction, and so could be read as aro-coded; one example of this being the song You Send Me by Sam Cooke ("you send me" does have romantic connotations placed onto it for the most part, but it isn't a direct declaration of romantic love either).


So, are there any romantic songs that y'all like? (to list some personally: Ain't That A Kick In The Head? by Dean Martin, Can't Take My Eyes Off of You by Frankie Valli, Beyond The Sea by Bobby Darin, Together Forever by Rick Astley, I Was Made For Loving You by KISS, etc)

If so, are they usually modern or oldies? (the songs I listed can be all considered oldies, so maybe Modern can be our current hit artists or pop stars)

What kind of genre(s) are they usually in? (my favorites are usually in the Blues, Jazz, Swing, Vocal Six, Soul and Folk variety, with outliers like Pop and Rock)

What makes you enjoy these romantic songs and why? (could be because of lyrics, certain instruments, or rhythm/beat, maybe all of the above)

What do these romantic songs consist of that makes you enjoy them so? (i.e. my favorities being declarative love songs or grey love songs that could be read in an aromantic way)

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