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Salut :D


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Hey there, I'm pipolyte, French as you can get, and aro to the nails! I'm a nonamorous aro aceflux. I live off cheese, wine and bitching after everything ever. I write sometimes in French and sometimes in English, mostly fanfiction. I have a passion for 19th century symbolist poetry. I'm currently studying law, which is why I can't say I'll be super-active until the end of the month, when the finals of doom will finally be over.


I have diverse interests, I watch a lot of anime, movies and TV shows, am a casual gamer and like spending time in the countryside. Where I live. I like the outdoors is what I'm saying.


I discovered I was aromantic a year ago as for now. I've been more happy than I ever was in my life since that moment of realization.


I hope to make some friends here and help out as I can! :D

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Bienvenue à Arocalypse, pipolyte!! Je suis Starry Sky, Le Catato (le chat et le pomme de terre) Haha. I was learning French on my own for a couple of months and was doing well at it but then got out the habit D: I hope to start learning again! Anyways, I hope you enjoy being a member here!!



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