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Transphobic and Enbyphobic quiz.


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I took it and the only answer the quiz has is this: 

"Accept reality"

it sucks to be a girl. it sucks so bad that i don't blame you for wishing you could be anything else, whether that's a boy or a third gender or nothing at all. does it feel like declaring that you're different will make that suffering stop? it won't, because if youre born female, then that's what you'll be for the rest of your life. on the bright side, there is no wrong way to be a girl. you are not sick, abnormal, or special for existing outside of gender stereotypes. you're just you. and i promise you, that's a perfectly acceptable person for you to be. please if you have time, go through each question on this quiz and think about how they made you feel about your position in life as a female person. write out longer answers if youre unsatisfied by the ones i provided. look for patterns in your thoughts and really dig deep into what's going on with you... whether you decide to accept reality or not, i hope that you'll be kind to yourself"


This made me very mad.

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Why do someone made a quiz like that? I suppose it presented itself as quiz fror trans people?

Thay last sentence. "I'm going to deny your existence but I wish you well", the hypocrisy. 

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