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What's everyone's name, pronouns, and orientation?

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On 3/17/2023 at 10:40 AM, LoganTheAxolotl said:

I myself am Logan, He/It/Ze  pronouns, and I am omni aligned oriented aromantic/demiplatonic and omni acespike.

Oriented aromantic meaning: Someone who doesn't feel romantic attraction, but may feel platonic/alterous attraction towards other people and may want to form romantic-seeming relationships with them(living together, cuddling, kissing, etc).

Demiplatonic meaning: Someone who doesn't feel platonic attraction to people without getting to know them first.

Acespike meaning: Someone who rarely feels sexual attraction, and when they do its it short spikes of attraction.

Omni/Omniplatonic/Omniromantic/Omnisexual meaning: Similar to Pan, someone who feels attraction to all genders but has a preference unlike Pan.



My preference regarding Omni: I like women the most, men the least, and people who are neither, both, in between, or whatever I like in the middle.

I’m not gonna say my name online so just whatever the frick you want but I’m he/him and am possibly aro, maybe a little ace not sure but I’m like 15 so I’ll know for sure maybe by the end of high school?

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