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Asking a (new) friend to come visit


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Could she have just forgotten? If she stays really busy, she might not remember that she was supposed to contact you. I'm really bad about stuff like that; I often forget to contact people, and it has nothing to do with how much I like them or want to hang out.  I just forget. 


If you really want to hang out with her, I would try to mention it again casually.  I wouldn't make it sound serious though--keep it lighthearted if you're worried about her feeling pressured.  For me personally, if someone comes on too strong or intense at first I can get pretty uncomfortable, so being casual works better for me. 

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2 hours ago, SoulWolf said:

We set a date and time, and then she had to work late, so she couldn't make it. Then the same thing happened subsequent days we tried it, and we kinda gave up and said that she should just let me know when she can come. That was a couple months ago. Each time she had a specific reason for why she had to work late, and I have absolutely no reason whatsoever to suspect that she'd lie, other than my horrible paranoid mind. :rofl:



Wow. I wouldn't have lasted a minute in your situation. I hate it if someone even cancels on me once--because I usually set dates at least two weeks in advance--so then unless there was something really urgent, they just wouldn't have an excuse to cancel. :/ I'm sorry.

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