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Who else is hibernating?


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Sweden is so dark this time of year. I'm usually a pretty extroverted person but right now I don't feel the need to do much except the bare necessities. It doesn't feel bad though. I'm just hibernating waiting for the sun to come back. Tomorrow I'm having some friends and relatives over for a mulled wine fika.

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Yup, definitely doing less now. I hate having to get up in the morning when it is still dark (wake up light takes the edge of a bit, but still) and I try to get home before dark too. I also need at least an hour of sleep extra. 🐻

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2 hours ago, MaxIsCosmic said:

nope my mom is making me go to family gatherings although being an introvert I would love to. 

I hear you. My mom used to press me into attending gatherings a lot. And these were big. Her grandma had 11 kids who went on to have families, and their kids etc. And everyone was expected to show up. We're talking 100+ attendees. But after the Matriarch died everyone just fell into their own cliques. Now gatherings are just me, mom and siblings, and grandma when she can make it out.

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