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What is your "perception" of romance? Does it relate to mine?

Ted guy

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For the most part, I can't feel anything.

I do feel a very complicated attraction to women, but it's more like an appreciation for their beauty. Like art.

My wife is stunning beautiful, but her beauty doesn't induce emotions from me.

Nor does sexual engagements.

However, I have platonic love which means I deeply desire to faithfully nurture her and her to look up to me as her Romeo. Based on that, I show her romantic gestures.


With that said, I can't understand why people have such a wide selection for dating.

If I stare at someone, often they will interpret that as interest and they will start opening communication and stare back to show mutual interest.

This leaves me flabbergasted because I always assume people feel nothing for me (because that's how I feel towards everyone).

I don't understand cheating or affection either. It's complete nonsense to me.


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