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My obligatory introductory post! I'm here from AVEN. I'm sure that's a classic line on this site. I think I prefer the layout here though, even if they're basically the same. At least I can add a background image to my profile instead of just sticking to the ol' abstract shapes ... 

Anyway, 2022 is the Big Year for me in terms of figuring out my identity. I've followed a pretty generic path. I started out assuming I must be cis and straight, not entirely because that's what society expects (although it is), but because they ARE the majority after all. Nothing out of the ordinary could EVER happen to ME! Turns out that wasn't true. I went through the whole rigmarole of discovering I was ace, and then I went through the same thing discovering I was (PROBABLY) aro. I say probably because 1. When you're a pessimist, you've always gotta leave room for doubt! 2. I'm only 16, which is old enough to be pretty sure, but still leaves room for potential drastic change, and 3. Because I don't know the entire ins and outs of the aromantic spectrum. I'm pretty sure I'm totally aromantic, but I could be wrong. I'm having a bit of trouble coming to terms with the fact that I'm kinda an odd one out in a SoCietY (joker voice) practically overflowing with romance, which it's always singing the praises of, but I'm getting there!

As for gender, which I may as well put here, if you wanna get into the specifics I guess I'd be considered a demigirl, but I say girl for ease of use, and because I'm more comfortable with that. Still grappling with self-doubt in this department as well, but she/her and they/them pronouns are both fine by me.

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Hello! I used to like having wiggle room in my identity and while it isn't a bad thing, I think it's safe to say that I am definitely aroace, lol. I also prefer the layout here and I'd say this site is a bit more user friendly than AVEN.

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On 6/20/2022 at 8:31 PM, roboticanary said:


to be honest I am yet to find a show with a cat in where the cat isn't the best character, cats are just that great.

Anyhow, hope you like it here

Ikr. People can't resist the urge to add a cat, and then it's game over for everyone else.

Thanks btw!

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