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i need name for them, i have vague thoughts but need ur opinions

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ok so hi hope ur doing if not i wish u luck and get better <3

so im again questioning if im on aro spectrum and if no, what are my feelings called

ok so, this is list of things im feeling for my soft romo partner rn and ik its kinda crush/romantic feelings ?..

1-i somehow desire romantic or soft romo relationship with her i dont mind much qpr as far as she love me most not necessary in romantic or platonic bust just love me

2-i get jealous when she pay more attention to her other partners or friends [ this is not only for her but i feel this for all of my friends and partners cause im jealous person in general ]

3- i enjoy romantic stuff with her , but i enjoy it with all people ?

4-im open for romantic marriage with her but i dont like marriage and its kinda feel me uncomfortable and thinking she want marry me make me kinda, or extremely uncomfortable but happy at same time ? cause i like people crush on me even boys ?! [ i dont crush back on boys though ]

5-i want her to be mine, but i feel same for all people around me somehow

ok its quite sound like romantic ig but i want ur opinions and what labels should i use,

thx for readding and taking ur time have lovely day <3

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IMO the feelings you described are in a gray area where you could call them romo, or you could call them something else. There are alloro people who don't differentiate heavily between romance and friendship, and also alloro people who are blasé about things like marriage (and even outright reject it.) But those are also things that arospec people can experience.

Emotions, relationships, and orientations don't always fit into neat boxes so I think you should go with whatever feels most authentic and comfortable to you.

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