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I think I might be aromantic and im sad about it

Guest SammyYoneko

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Guest SammyYoneko

So I'm 15, and I'm lowkey sad because I'm in a position that is difficult and i'm confused and scared and sad at the same time. So here's my situation: I can find ppl attractive, but i dont have any feelings for them. Not only this but I don't truly understand the concept of love and I feel like no matter what true love doesn't exist because partners get bored and I just feel it's impossible. I am sad because I personally think there is something wrong with me and I'm sad because I do want a relationship, and sometimes I just wish I had someone to cuddle with and yk feel that connection but sadly I have no feelings whatsoever and can only find ppl attractive. Everytime I see couples I think to myself "aww i wish i had that." Not only this but my past relationships i've been in have been only because I felt bad and because I thought maybe I could somehow feel that connection eventually but never felt that way and found reasons to break up with them. But everytime someone of the opposite gender attempts to hold my hand and stuff like that in relationships I feel very uncomfortable but I really do want it but idk whats wrong with me. Recently at school, there's this guy I thought was rlly cute and i thought he was attractive and recently we started talking and stuff but we still arent close but i think he likes me but im not exactly sure if i like him back 

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what you write about, the not getting it, going into relationships because you felt bad. These are things that other people here share with you. 

Don't get me wrong, this stuff is not fun to go through, feeling othered by not getting an experience, it sucks. But you will slowly work out how you best want to live your life. Youu already know that this is a shared experience, that you are not a bad person for not having these feelings and you can find people to talk through how your life is going. 

All in all, its fine to be sad about this, but hopefully I can give you some encouragement. 

17 hours ago, Guest SammyYoneko said:

I feel very uncomfortable but I really do want it but idk whats wrong with me


nothing is wrong with you.

If someone likes you in a romantic way and you don't like them back in a similar manner that doesn't mean anything is wrong with you. This happens to many people, aro or not.


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