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How do you prefer to travel?


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Public transport mostly. Convenient,not expensive and I dont have to deal with the worst part of the traffic;the driving part. I don't need to search for a parking spot. With this I can start doing what I wanna do instantly when I arrive to my location.


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I travel mostly on my own but sometimes I go to visit people I know abroad, or with an agency in a tour depending of the safety of the country. On place I travel with public transportation. I think that traveling with an activity is great too. For example volunteering, working, studying. I actually plan to travel to China to study chinese in a school.

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I enjoy traveling with one or both of my parents. Like, travels abroad, travels to other cities/towns, travels to countryside. I love doing this sort of thing from time to time. What comes to the means of traveling - I traveled by train, plane, river boat, enjoyed all of it. Within the city, by underground, and alone if it's for business (study/work) and again with my family members if it's for leisure. 

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I want to like travelling alone, but it usually just winds up feeling like work, and a lot of the time, my travelling preference is not travelling at all. After weeks to months of living out of a cheap motel room, only able to keep in contact with loved ones over the phone, and no company off-work hours unless I want to navigate trying to meet strangers in a bar in what are usually pretty insular communities, the last thing I want to do is spend more time alone and away from home.

Really, I think it would be accurate to say I like travelling alone a lot, but I do it so often that it's ruined as a hobby for me, just like I love hiking, but absolutely do not want to join my friends for a weekend hike after a 60 hour week of surveying in the hills. It's a factor in why I enjoy my job, not something I do for fun on my own time. If I'm going to go through the hassle and expense of even more travel, I want to do it with someone whose company I enjoy as a primarily social experience, be that friends or family.

As far as day trips go though? I adore a solo adventure. I definitely appreciate when schedules line up and a friend can join me, but I love the freedom of just being able to go and do cool things, and I operate on the assumption that I'm going alone and if anyone I invited can make it it's an added bonus.

All in all, I think my work-life affects how I travel far more than being aro does. Really, I think the only way my aromanticism plays into it is that I am a lot more free to take per diem work in the first place, as I don't have any obligations to a partner, and even that's specific to me being non-partnering.

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