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is this a squish or a crush??


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hi, i am questioning the possibility i may be aro or demi since i experience very little romantic attraction. i don't think i've ever experienced romantic attraction to anyone so far but recently i have been talking to this guy a lot. hes very sweet and i enjoy being near him a lot, he makes me very happy and often i find myself wanting to be near him. i get a little upset when other girls show interest/flirt with him. i've thought about whether i would want to get in a romantic relationship with him and often times it isn't a solid yes. i don't think i want to be in a relationship with him but i also seem to feel like i see him more as "just a friend". i've been struggling to figure out whether what im experiencing is platonic or romantic & could really use some help! :)


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10 hours ago, Jazpir strom said:

I experience something similar and we ended up just begin good friends but should talk to him figure out what you both want from each other if you are on the aromatic spectrum a romantic relationship isn't out of the question

sounds like a good idea, i think ill try that once im ready to! thank you for the suggestion :D

2 hours ago, BloodyBlood said:

i would say alterous attraction =3

i just searched this up (bc im still new HAHA) and it sounds pretty close to what im feeling right now, i feel the desire to be close to him but it never feels like im attracted to him romantically (or it could be im still a little unsure hahaha). thank you for this :D

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