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aromantic but still want to be in a relationship??

Guest samstr

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okay so. for a while now, i’ve been fairly certain i’m somewhere on the aromantic spectrum. i’ve never felt any real romantic attraction to anyone, and i doubt i will in the future. but the thing is, i still want to be in a relationship with someone.

recently, one of my friends revealed that he likes me. He’s a really amazing guy, and like i said, i still have a desire to be in a relationship. I thought about it for a little while, and came to the decision that id try out being with him. Im pretty sure I don’t have any actual romantic feelings for him, but I want to, and i really enjoy being with him.

^ that isnt really the point of this post, but i thought i’d add it for context

so my main question is just, if i want to be in a relationship with someone (like, having someone to be with, and cuddle, and do things with, and just.. have…) how can i still be aromantic, and not feel romantic attraction?maybe even someone else has had this experience/felt this way as well, and they could tell me what they did?

that’s all, thx :)

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