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why does romantic love take priority


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i don't understand why romantic love is seen as more important than platonic love. people are often expected to devote more of their time and energy to romantic relationships than platonic ones, and although friendship is important, society seems to deem romance as more so. sometimes romantic relationships work out poorly because a person in it will believe the other person spends too much time with their friends. when people are in romantic relationships, their friendships are often expected to take a backseat to that. i don't think that romance and romantic love is more important than friendship and platonic love, but lots of people do think that and i can't wrap my head around why that is

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Not sure,

One idea I have heard offered is that we offer some extra status to the relationship that is expected to give us kids. So you can then argue that this is more valued because it is expected to include that desire, argue it from vague biology. Or argue that this is now more important because now if the relationship fucks up there is this 3rd party whose life is massively affected. 

Not sure how much I buy that but it seems at least plausible for some romantic relationships. As for the status given to romance in general even when it is not leading to marriage and kids I haven't got a clue.


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From what I've gathered that's kinda part of romance in a way, like it's a special relationship different from your friends, though I still don't get why romance is prioritized so much.

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