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Can you be not confident and also not insecure?

Guest Bobby


For example, I am fat and I don’t have confidence in my body. However, I’m not overly worried about it and it doesn’t affect me. Would this still make me insecure or is there a middle ground between insecure and confident?

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yeah sure, confidence is not a simple yes/no answer for a complicated issue like your body.

I'm a big bloke and I'm in a fairly similar situation, I wouldn't call myself confident but at the same time I give no fucks about what other people think most of the time.

I think you should remember that confidence or insecurity are not a simple attribute that you posess, they are scales and where they are at depends on what you are doing. How confident you are about your body will depend on your situation. So I am not insecure in everyday life but I'm not likely to join a nudist colony any time soon. I don't think that makes me insecure unless we say most of the worlds population are insecure about their bodies. 

Same with confidence, I am not barging down the street thinking I'm the best looking bastard in town, and I am aware that to a lot of people I don't look great. So you could say i am not confident. But how would that make me insecure?

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