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2022 Aro reading


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One of the things I was hoping to do this year is read a lot more about aromanticism and other related subjects. Ive done a little bit, read a tiny bit of fiction but I reckon there is a lot of knowledge I am missing.

So here's what I am hoping to read this year:

Minimizing Marriage - Elizabeth Brake's work which is where the term amatonormativity comes from, I'm not sure how I've gone so long without reading it.

As much as I can about non SAM aros - The idea of the split attraction model worked really well for me, so for my first year or so since I found out about aromanticism I haven't read a lot about any other ways of thinking about aromanticism. I really want to change that.

Bachelors: The Psychology of Men Who Haven't Married - I'm really struggling to find writing on single men, so at some point I am going to get my hands on this book

So I was wondering, is there anything you are hoping to read his year?

Also, do you have any recommendations that you think were useful in these subjects, e.g. good resources on non SAM aros, other writing about single manhood, that sort of thing?

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