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Favorite arospec characters? (canon or headcanoned)


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Riz Gukgak (from the d&d actual play show Dimension 20: Fantasy High) is cannonically asexual + heavily hinted to be aromantic, too! His character arc is very relateable to me and I just love his character so much!

This video is like really long, but I think it does a great job compiling a lot of his aro and ace moments! Also, watch out for spoilers for s1 and s2 of Fantasy High

I've been lowkey thinking about making a post just about aro & ace rep in Dimension 20 'cause there is a pleasantly surprising amount of cannon (+ heavily hinted at) aro and ace spectrum representation!

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On 11/8/2022 at 3:13 AM, Storm_leopardcat said:

What makes you think Elsa might be AroAce

tbh, Frozen 2 is one of the movies that helped me learn about the actual term "asexuality" for the first time. I've been an Idina Menzel fan for quite a while & loved both Frozen movies for a number of reasons, but I really identified with Elsa & was so pleased there was a main character that didn't have to end up with someone (even though I actually do like romantic pairings in media). Anyway, I recall reading several articles in 2020 shortly after the oscars & lots were delving into elsa's character - some that discussed her importance in terms of representation to the lgbtqia+ community. I couldn't find those articles in my brief search just now, but here are a couple of posts that debrief it a bit:




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I headcanon the gay Will Grayson (for lack of better identification) in Will Grayson, Will Grayson as aro. While he does get into a relationship, he seems to not have many romantic feelings and much of his focus is just on his desire for sex. While he might not be full aro, I think he’s probably at least grayro. 

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