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Laziness does not exist


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I'm reading a very interesting book called Laziness does not exist.  The author posits that the concept of laziness is very damaging and doesn't really have much basis on reality and how humans function. I've not read very far yet but I wanted to share it.

Have anyone else read the book. Or maybe has some overall reflection of the concept of laziness. What's your personal relationship to it?

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I haven't read it but I think the rest we take has value or is needed. Or maybe if we don't want to do something a lot its a sign of an issue or the need to slow down. I feel like often ppl frame things as lazy because there is this conception in at least some western cultures u need to be always or almost always busy. You cant just be like I did nothing, i had a rest, which is more acceptable in some cultures. Sometimes taking shortcuts can be a good thing too haha

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