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Any similar experiences with squishes?



Wow, am... Yeah, lemme put you in situation.

About three months ago I saw a girl on the bus in which I travel each morning to go to the university. I loved her style and I knew we would be really good friends, so I really wanted to talk to her. I couldn't because I am kinda introvert, so I just keeped on going with my life.

The point is that today, at the bus, another girl asked me for my instagram because the girl sitting by her side (the one I wanted to talk to) was introverted and felt embarrassed to talk to me. And I was like dying, something like a gay panic but in a platonic way. I've been talking to her by message and I am super happy to finally meet her. But super happy, you know?


Did anyone of you have any similar experiences with squishes? I mean, I don't know if I have a squish with her (I think I do but I don't fully understand the meaning of squish, so...), but, have you ever felt this "platonic panic" I refer to or I am just a weirdo?

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this definitely sounds like a squish! it's how mine always feel, and i've seen others describe it the same way.

little word of caution: don't be scared or upset if it fades when you two are friends. it may or may not, but if it does, that doesn't mean you like her any less - it's just that initial intensity of emotion has faded. or not faded, but mellowed out!

this sounds very exciting, good luck (:

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