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Hi, I'm new. My name is Robin or Inge. At first I chose name Inge, which is seen as gender neutral in my country (Poland) but then I found out it's seen as a feminine name in some countries, so I chose name Robin to online communication with people all around the world. I prefer they/them pronouns but I'm fine with he/him or xe/xem too. 

I'm 15 yo and I'm autistic. My gender identity is trans-masculine nonbinary.

I'm questioning my orientation and I think I might be aro. I wonder if I'm actually aromantic or just my experience of romance is different because of autism. I also wonder if a feeling I sometimes feel towards some people is romantic atraction or feeling a few different types or atraction at the same time. I hope this forum helps me to find out my romantic orientation.

Sorry for my bad English.

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