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1 hour ago, roboticanary said:

Sounds good.

There is a small borough of Berlin called wedding which could work.

I want to twin it with dissapointment island. Not sure whether that is allowed as a partnership though

To 50% of people, it is totally allowed.

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2 hours ago, roboticanary said:

There is a small borough of Berlin called wedding which could work.

In our fantastic aro-themed world-trip “Cautionary Tale of Romance” we start at the lovely French ville of Saint-Amour, where we try the local wine (you definitely need wine!), from which we fly directly to the U. S., reaching the back-country of Arkansas, the town of Romance, renowned for its taxidermy.

And from there our next stop is again in Europe, Germany. A borough of Berlin called Wedding, once famous for its industrial production of light-bulbs (“Osramhöfe”) ? – representing genius ideas like “Maybe I don’t want to get married…”.

We then take a long flight and reach Disappointment island, New Zealand, where we marvel at the many wonderful shipwrecks there.

Finally our journey ends in Australia, Useless Loop at Shark Bay. Cause in romance there are many sharks you need to be aware of. And you’re stuck in a useless loop.

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