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hi cool kids!!


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hi i go by lalita im 19 and i realized like yesterday that i’m aro and have been craving some sort of qp affection lol. i love books and films on love and romance but i would hate to be in one. i think i always dated my friends after they confessed to me as a way to make them stay, i almost felt like i had no choice or i would be abandoned. i never really had crushes, i kinda just picked someone i thought was cool and pretended they were mine when people bugged me about it.


so about me: um i am disabled. i’m in college. i love bts (queer platonic kings), reading/writing, music (mitski, hozier, phoebe bridgers, troye, tinylittlehouses, etc), cuddles, spooky films (the haunting of hill house and the bly manor are favs of mine and the conjuring films) and kids shows (shera, the owl house, steven universe, etc). i like crystals and anime and painting so if u like any of the above and wanna be buddies pls message me i’m desperate for friends. 


ps i rly want to be a part of a qpr or a polycule so if anyone lives in florida (or not, i don’t rly mind lol) message me her or on twt or insta (@xbanangyx)

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Hello there ^^ welcome and yay on discovering your identity. I am aro too, for now idk really if I want to be in a qpr or not cuz personal reasons but I believe that you'll find yours :3

I love spooky films too, my reasons being few romance in it so I can enjoy the plot more.

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That sucks about thinking dating was the way to make your friends stay. I got that sort of messaging too as a kid where, like, if someone doesn't want a romantic relationship with you or a romantic relationship fails, you should just leave each other for good. That always seemed really sad but I guess I never challenged it.

Cool that you have discovered aromanticism though, hope you have a good time here.

As you say you really want to make friends a couple of things I would recommend are the aromantic socials each month and the discord. The socials are a good way to actually chat to people here in person (although depends on how far out your time zone is, they are geared towards Europe). The discord is better set up for off topic discussion and getting to know people than a forum, so might be interesting to you.



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