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Hello peeps!


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I just joined the forum today. I'm currently living in central FL. I just started working as a new grad respiratory therapist and liking it so far (except for the fact that it's currently crazy here in FL due to the pandemic). 

I found out I was on the ace spectrum when I was 20/21ish. For the longest time I thought I wanted a relationship and get married because I loved listening to romantic stories and songs but this didn't come easy for me in real life. Whenever people told be to date or get married I'd be weirded out. Just a couple of months ago I found out that I'm actually on the aro spectrum. I've experienced alterous attraction before but never a romantic one. I frankly can't tell the difference between platonic and romantic attraction (quoiromantic?). I think I would consider myself romance-neutral and want a relationship but I'm also happy single. 


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