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Anybody else think they were romantic?

Just a Bear

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I always thought of myself as someone romantic because I do have feelings for people. But now I’m learning that I might be aro. My feelings might have been platonic or alterous.


 Anybody else think they were romantic until you learned you were not? how did you find out you were aro?

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I thought I was allo but not for the same reason. First I didn't know aromanticism was a possibility so I thought I have crushes or that I will have them eventually. Then when I discover aromanticism, I thought I do have crushes or maybe squishes because I haven't realize yet that I just think of people like that because I felt like I have to, not because I was attracted to them. I also wanted to be alloromantic because I wanted children and thought children need a father and so I need a husband lol.

So realizing I was aro was realizing that I made up crushes because amatonormativity convinced me I have some and I wanted it, but that I actually didn't.

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