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Crush , or squish, or, just some norm ;-;


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Hi! uhhh so im new in this this is my first time writing some topic in this place and im super nervous and my question is going to be super stupid so excuse me sooo much i deeply apologize and pls pls pls i beg dont be mad ;-;-;-;-; i just dont really have other social media also ..... ah nvm so i wanna start, Breath Deep*

i have been Aro ace spectrum till last year and for some reasons i cant explain for some weird reasons { wich i deeply apologize }

and changed into alloromantic and allosexual and soo, it was , and still the worst thing happened in my entire life

anyway, in some online game i like kissing { its not real picture its game and also chat app } or i like to kiss the pretty photo of pretty people, the problem is that when i think it nearby like in really rn, i little creep out, sometimes no sometimes yes, and i enjoy when people crushing on me or act like that that gives me nice feelings but when people confess to me { in online game in real its little creep me out idk why albeit no one have ever confessed to me in real but when i imagine close people like my friends or etc, creeps me out } and when people confess me i thanks them and get all exited and etc, but its not like i wanna START RELATION SHIP its just um, idk maybe im open to it but i dont think i can do it out of my mind and fantasies , or in other hand its had for me, and the thing when i was still aro spectrum person, the first person in game confess to me and i said something like { aww thx u ! } but nothing totally changed , kinda . in another time some girl confessed me and i thought we can be really good friend and i know this is wrong way to think but ahem, thats how i thought { or still think not sure } but i gonna ask more topic in future i guess, anyway i deeply apologize for my stupid question ;-; srry i just thought i need to say it somewhere  , i.. im srry for wasting your time.. srry ;-; i deeply apologize and im srry again QnQ


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No need to apologize and your question is not stupid. For some people "aro" click immediately, for others it comes woth some questioning, this is not a big deal.

Only you can define your feelings. All I can say is that from what you say, aromantic is indeed a possibility (maybe somewhere between romance-indifferent and romance-favorable).

I think what you can ask to yourself is :

1) Some people confess to you, but did you think about anyone as a potential romantic partner if they haven't confess first?

2) If you think about romance with someone, is it something you really want or is it more something vague like "if I have to be in a romantic relationship, it would be with this or this person because this our this reason?" In other words, is it a specific person that makes you think about romance, or is it the idea of romance that makes you look for people  to be in a relationship with?

3) If you feel attraction, what exactly do you feel and what do you want to do with them?

4) You say you get excited when people confess, but you don't want a romantic relationship with them, so why are you excited for? Is it link to romance or is it something else?

I don't know if these questions help you but if some do, maybe answering can help you too.

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