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Dumb ideas you would like to try


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There is this one utterly stupid idea I had a while back which I would never actually try but the crazy bit of my brain really wants to.

The plan is this, turbo charge a tractor to the point it can do 100mph, then go out speeding on the motorway. My thought process is that when people try to call the cops they will be laughed at, and even if they do eventually believe you then you just barrel off into a field. I wonder how long I could get away with that before someone actually believed it was happening and managed to stop me.

Does anyone else have any really stupid ideas that they would never actually do but kind of want to?

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Lol, can I join the tractor plan?

My idea is to build a machine which blows huge soap bubbles. I could fly in these bubbles or just suprise random people by blowing a bubble around them so they would fly around the city and nobody would know what's going on.


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