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  1. Somehow yes, i do a lot childish stuff/games with my friends. Ok, I'm no adult bc im still in high school but yeah... When I were younger I thought I would already act more like a grown-up now. tpbm hates wasps
  2. Actually yes, I like them as snack or in oatmeal TPBM has never visited another country beforw
  3. False, but i would like to try TPBM lives in a big city
  4. I like that I can value time with my family and friends that much. Althought I'm most of the time an introvert person I still crave company a lot and can't stand being alone. I really enjoy doing everyday activities like watching TV or cooking together without talking a lot, lol.
  5. Welcome, Lian Hope you enjoy your time here. I also draw a lot in my freetime. Although i do not always have the patience to do complex sketches😅
  6. INFP-A here Can someone make a poll? 😆
  7. hi, I know it's difficult to accept yourself as aromantic. But even if you are aro that doesn't have to mean you will be alone your whole life. Maybe try looking out for a qpr. Personally, strolling around on the forum and reading old threads helped a lot because I recognized that there are other people out there like me. Give yourself time and be proud who you are (*concerning other people talking about romance I also have no clue how to handle it)
  8. I personally don't get the idea of platonic dating. If I visit the cinema or a restaurant with a friend it would be no "date" for me because it's a friend. It would be more like "just a normal trip" even if it's always the same special best friend
  9. I hate the word "just" so much bc nothing ist "just" .... And especially 'just friends' is disapproving the worth of friendships.
  10. Lol, can I join the tractor plan? My idea is to build a machine which blows huge soap bubbles. I could fly in these bubbles or just suprise random people by blowing a bubble around them so they would fly around the city and nobody would know what's going on.
  11. Ewww, I just don't like the taste Salted Caramel Chocolate?
  12. THATS MEEEE XD I dont even bother reading coming out to them bc it would change nothing. They don't even expect from me to be in a relationship bc I was always like "ugghhh rOmaNCe"
  13. JustMe

    Tea thread

    Same, I also love tea. I think one of my favorites is Roibush Vanilla tea
  14. My friends and I were watching a movie and there was one of these dramatic, sad and romantic moments where a couple can't be together. And while my friends cried I just had to laughs bc it was just ridiculous
  15. I think the word "sexual" is more direct than "allosexual" bc you could even as stranger interpret what it means. When I heard the first time the word "allosexual" I was quite confused. On the other hand "sexual" sounds like those people would do nothing than daydreaming about sex. And "non-asexual" is just weird
  16. I did something similar lol We talked about a person who was (maybe) together with their coworker. And I was just like "no way they are a couple, who would like to be in a relationship with a person you see every day in at your workplace" Apparently this is a very common thing which people tend to do
  17. Somehow I see here quite often people writing about choosing a crush or having a relationship which didn't work due to their aromantism. I personally never liked romance in movies (although books are fine) and expressed this also as child. As teen I just kept this habit and never changed it. By now even my family jokes about me being the old crazy cat lady😂. Anyone who did the same? (Btw sorry for my bad English)
  18. JustMe

    would you rather

    I would rather win a marathon because i really like running. Reach the top of a mountain sounds also nice but I can't climb😅 Wyr eat fruits or candy?
  19. JustMe

    Life is...

    Life is "Don't worry, be happy"
  20. JustMe

    would you rather

    Fly to to mars. I kinda like the Idea of Spaceships etc😂 wyr watch Netflix or Youtube?
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