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Hi everyone!

I'm Akemy from Spain (28/she). I'm hetero and allosexual, but recently I've found out that I am in the arospec. I've had a few crushes in my life and been into some "serious" relationships, but I've realized that it doesn't fulfill me and I'm not interested into having romantic relationships anymore.

For me it's hard to meet other fellow aros IRL, so I think this forum is a great space to discuss about all the topics that concern us: what our identity is, how it feels to be an aro in a romantic world, coming out with family/friends/coworkers, how to build strong and caring relationships out of a romantic context...

I'm so excited to join this community and I hope I can meet great people here! ^^

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Hi Akemy! Welcome to the forums :aropride:

I get that about it being hard to meet aros IRL, but you're right in that this is a great place to talk about aro stuff! I hope you enjoy your time here and being part of the community! 

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