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What do you think of romance? What type of aro person are you?


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It varies, but I generally consider myself to be romance-indifferent. I don't mind romance in fiction. It really depends on the flavor of romance, but I like seeing portrayals that resemble my QPR. Less kissing and more philosophical conversations, someone you can parallel play with. Being soft, doing small favors for each other. Like best friends, with more commitments. 

On the other hand, romance in real life, real time? Eh. People kissing on the mouth, or making out, really doesn't do it for me. Especially if there's sounds. Like y'all, the door is that way. Get a room. 

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I'd say I'm somewhere between indifferent & repulsed in real, but probably leaning more toward repulsed. It just all seems so dumb to me. Not to say that people who really feel all that are dumb. It would just feel stupid for me because I don't actually feel any of that. It would be a lie. Plus, I really hate a lot of the stuff that tends to go along with it. Stuff like gender rolls & tradition. When it comes to fiction, it all depends on how it's handled & how much it's focused on. If it's a small part of the story, the characters have chemistry, & they really seem like they fell for each other on a deep level, then it can be nice. But that's rarely the case. And it really ticks me off when couples are shown having random arguments about stupid things. :p

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I consider myself romo-ambivalent. Normally I'm romo-indifferent, but I can turn into romo-repulsed or romo-favorable, depending of a relation with other person and moment.

But, in general, I think romance really works only in fiction and it should stay there.

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