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Hi everyone.

My name is Vanessa but I like to be called Nessa.

I am french and living near Paris. 

I am going to be 39 soon.

I am trying to become an actress, only starting for a few months. This is my dream since I was a kid but never have the courage to try before.

I kind of always knew that I was aroace but only put a word on it recently.

Being in a relationship has never interested me and I have never been in love. Always felt different from everyone especially as most people don't understand this lack of interest in love. 

In France, we don't talk at all about aromantism so nobody knows what it is and that it even exist. So it makes things harder.

I would love to have some aro friends to talk to. 

Sorry if my english is not good, i havn't practised for a while, it used to be much better. 

My Instagram is frenchygreenie_aroace if you want to get in touch.

Have a nice day ?

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