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Hiii I'm Skye


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Hi everyone,

I'm Skye, I'm American but living in Scotland at the moment. I'm finishing up studying Ecology and Conservation so love hiking, being outside, animals etc.

I started questioning whether I was aro about a year ago and the longer I thought about it the more it made sense and I started to feel comfortable being aromantic. Really glad I found this page as I've been struggling recently with picturing what a future without a significant other looks like, especially as people are becoming committed and engaged around me. I also feel like there's so much stigma for being perpetually single. Just happy to find somewhere people feel the same way and are having the same thoughts as me.

Nice to meet you,





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Hi Skye

cool to see someone else finding a place like this. It is a big weight off the chest to find other people like you.

I agree with the thing about stigma for being single. I suspect some of it may be to do with that difficulty picturing a future without being in a romantic relationship. If someone doesn't know how it could be to live outside of that it leads to fear about how it might be if someone they know goes down that route.

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Hello and welcome! I'm glad that you've found this community and are feeling comfortable in your identity. 

Also, ecology and conservation sounds like such a cool combination of things to study. :) 

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