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Hi, my name is Hannah! I'm turning 18 soon enough and I just joined because I think I might be on the aro spectrum; it's very difficult for me to fully understand what my feelings are so I'm still confused. I've thought that I might be aromantic a few times in the past but today has been the first day that I truly believe that I'm on the spectrum. They've always just been fleeting thoughts and I can never really quite understand my true feelings sometimes so it's been hard for me to figure it out. 

I still don't know much about aromanticism so I have no idea what to do exactly.

I really love to read, write, listen to music, play video games, and professionally binge watch Criminal Minds. 

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Hello and welcome! It can definitely be hard to understand feelings. There's quite some stuff online on aromanticism, so I get that it can be daunting diving into it. I'm not sure what you've searched up already, but perhaps further diving into the different aro labels and types of attractions can be a good next step (AUREA has some good resources here if you haven't check it out yet). Reading about people's experiences or talking to others can also be helpful! A good thing to remember is that while there may be a "set" definition for something, people can have varying relationships and experiences with a term, so it's also okay to put your own twist to things. Things might not always be so clear cut and that's okay too. Regardless, take your time with it all :) 

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