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hi there!

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hi, my name is ash, i identify as aromantic (for now) though i'm not entirely sure, but i'm certain that i'm on the aromantic spectrum.

i found out about aromanticism months ago and i'm trying my best to figure myself out. what made me realise was the fact i could never relate to anything that had to do with crushes or significant others; one time i even faked a crush to fit in.

i'm a splatoon fan and i enjoy watching anime, i like to listen to music, my favourite genre is EDM.

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That's awesome! Welcome Ash! I feel the same way about being somewhere in the aro spectrum so I currently identify as aroflux. I figured out I could be aromantic when I was in a relationship with someone and then I realized I didn't care that we broke up. That was after we broke up but i didn't feel anything much about it except relief. So I went and talked to my friends who were already in the lgbtq community and they told me it would make sense if I was on the aromantic spectrum.

The people on this site are amazing and wonderfully welcoming so if you have any questions, then feel free to ask anyone or myself. If I don't know what you are asking about then I will probably ask my friends or just research it myself. ?

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