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I've actually known I was aromantic for a while, but I've had trouble finding community groups and stuff, so I'm excited to be here! Even before i figured out i was aro i honestly just thought romantic relationships were just friendships with kissing, so i struggled for a while before being told that no, romantic attraction is a Real Life Thing and is not an exaggeration. I like drawing and playing video games, and I'm open to geeking out about biology if anyone wants to; I'm not super used to forums so i might lurk when it comes to making my own topics, but I'm also super excited to be here.

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Hello there, you can lurk all you want, we are all lurking in life. I love to write and I began playing games again and reading mangas. You can geek all you want about biology ^^ I love biology, not so much chemistry and physics I like it at 6 ft apart. I will be an conservation ecologist so biology is what I love. Anyways, welcome and may you get what you want from this forum.

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