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ASAW 2021 Events/News/Etc


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Happy Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week, y'all!

This thread is to post about things happening in the aro community for/during ASAW.  There's lots of exciting things this year, it's amazing seeing how much our community has grown in the last few years!

I compiled a bunch of different things for this post on aromantic.lgbt.  This includes general info, specific events, news articles, and information about the proclamations regarding ASAW (with many links to more details for all of the things).

I will add onto this thread with some highlights, since that is more read-able on this platform than just a link to masterpost on different site. (and figured might make it easier for others to add on if I did not include a whole bunch of stuff in the intro of this thread).

So yeah, feel free to post about any things that are happening for aro week, or to elaborate about specific things mentioned if you know more details!


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February 21st Events

(I figured it would make sense to highlight the things that are specifically happening earliest first)

#AroCreatives (Feb. 21st)

  • Event for aros to share their creative works, using the aforementioned hashtag
  • Originated on and is primarily on Twitter (original link here); specifically to occur on February 21st  (presumably to try and get it trending?)
  • Can also be on other platforms, such as tumblr; here is tumblr post with more info about the event. (The graphic below is from the linked tumblr post)


TAAAP Pride Chats(Feb. 21st-22nd)

  • On February 21st-22nd is specifically a pride chat for ASAW
  • February pride chat about amatonormativity will be February 27th-28th
  • More info on TAAAP's pride chats this month & how to register can be found here


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Aspec*German Team Discord & ASAW Chats

(Disclaimer: I do not understand any german myself, the link with the source is entirely in german and my description is me paraphrasing the info that has been otherwise communicated to me.  I am not able to describe it in german and do not want to blindly copy-paste stuff I do not understand, so I encourage people to help inform german speaking people they know who may be interested if possible)

  • German speaking discord server
  • They have plans for daily voicechats about aro topics
  • This is the link to more info (which is in german) along with how to join the discord server 
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To celebrate the end of ASAW 2021, AUREA is running a fundraiser livestream on February 27th, at 3PM EST! More info on the event and guest lineup can be found at https://www.aromanticism.org/asaw-2021 from February 21st. The event itself will be hosted on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/EJ-dbqlIK9U.

I'm joining in on this event and it's looking to have some interesting people on board to talk. Some of the proceeds will be coming back to Arocalypse as well, so please do come and check it out!


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