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Hi! I am an agender and use he/they/she pronouns. Just found out I am aro(ace) after lurking these forums for a month or so. I like to read both novels and webcomics and enjoy swimming as well. I had sort of though I was a late bloomer when middle school started but the YMBAI forums were a big help when I was realizing my experience was a bit different than others. The most surprising thing I learned during this is that 5-8 year olds can have crushes! Whoa, that should have been a sign way before now. Glad I found a community and nice to meet you.

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Hi, hope you enjoy being here. The YMBAi posts are fantastic and something I wish I had seen ages ago. Also that thing about people getting crushes at like 8, that surprised me as well. Like how the hell? 

Out of interest what webcomics are you into? I only started looking at webcomics quite recently so if you have anything you recommend that would be really cool.

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