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  1. No omgs I totally agree it strains my eyes for some reason lol
  2. Oh thank you for suggesting him, he’s got quite a few videos on that and I think that’ll be really helpful!!!
  3. That actually makes a lot of sense and is a lot easier than I thought it’d be thank you lol
  4. Basically the title lol. I’m trying to identify the different types of attraction I feel towards people, and I’ve seen enough posts talking about what platonic attraction vs romantic attraction to have an idea about what the differences mean to me rn. It’s the difference between sexual and romantic attraction that’s not making sense yet so it’d be nice if some of y’all who feel sexual attraction could describe it!! Thank you!!
  5. I mainly play The Sims 4 and Nintendo games, especially Tomodachi Life. Recently I got into Minecraft too
  6. I’m also INTJ/FJ, I get almost 50/50 for feeling and thinking lol
  7. I wish I did lol, I had tried doing the image search thingy to find her but I couldn’t for the life of me sorry
  8. Hey welcome!! I just wanted to say, I love your pfp. It’s the anime chick I used as my OCs face in 5th grade, before I knew I was trans ftm lol
  9. Thank you, the points you made are really helpful!!!!
  10. Sorry I’m really bad at titles anyways I’m just going to dump all thoughts related to my questioning of my romantic orientation here and we’ll see what happens lol. I love my 5 best friends more than anything or anyone else and I’ve tried to feel like that for other people (except romantic edition) but I can’t. I’ve seen some people describe being romantically attracted to someone as “being in physical pain when you’re not around them” but the way I feel for my friends are definitely not romantic even though my chest feels tight and my limbs get shaky if they’re hurting or I haven
  11. I don't know how my mother identifies- she's been married but only for a short period of time when she was younger, and she did have romantic relationships when she was in high school but hasn't had any long-term relationships since she got divorced. Through sperm donation, she had me and my younger brother. I'm personally probably on the aromantic spectrum and I definitely want kids too, just not for a while lol. As a child conceived through sperm donation and raised by a single mother, I think its a great choice as long as you're sure that you're ready. And like with all kids, yours will ask
  12. Hey!! I'm Gabe, I'm 15, I use he/him pronouns, and I'm new here. I've been lurking around as a guest for maybe a week but only just got around to making an account lol. When I was younger, I identified with the demiromantic label but I had never been in a relationship, so I had dropped it. But since I broke up with my first (and maybe only?) girlfriend about seven months ago, I've done some like introspecting I guess? I think this is a good place for me, I think I'm probably on the aromantic spectrum. I don't know where yet and I don't really want to rush into any labels anymore, I've had enou
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