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  1. I usually don't feel this way, but recently it's really been hitting hard. I've been feeling like I can't talk to any of my friends/soon-to-be friends because it feels like a lot of them have started having romantic feelings for me. It's kinda sucky because it directly related to the timeline of me figuring out my arospec identity, so then I feel like I can't talk about that specifically because what if they're only staying friends with me because they want to date me? But despite how uncomfortable I am with that thought, I value our friendship too much to possibly lose it over something like
  2. Me: *becomes pretty confident in my aro identity*

    Everyone else: *suddenly has a crush on me*

  3. YMBAI, similarly to identifying as bi/pan because of "equal" attraction to people regardless of gender, you identified as polyamorous because you thought you experienced romantic attraction to all of your friends and that ended up just being strong platonic/queerplatonic attraction.
  4. Gabriel14

    The Future

    Personally, I'd probably want a few QPPs too. I'd also want some kids, one or two (with my QPP(s) or alone, I just want to be a dad eventually). Pets will also definitely be in my future lol I'm younger, and when I imagine my ideal life in the future it's just a bunch of my really close friends and I being a part of each other's lives lol
  5. Recently, one of my friends was talking about a crush they thought they had (turns out it wasn’t a crush and they just wanted to be friends with her). They said something like “idk man I just really like her” and I responded “bro same I love her so much” because I’ve known her for like six years, she’s one of my closest friends I do love her more than she could know. They met her this year, they said “yea but it’s different”. I had recently come out as arospec to them and ouch that felt super dismissive and hurt a lot more than I thought it would, like the way I feel for her was somehow less?
  6. It’s no longer hot; it’s so freezing cold, you can feel your fingers and toes going numb. No amount of blankets or clothes seems to help. I wish I understood/knew everything
  7. I have a haworthia zebra succulent, and this morning one of my ivies fell on it and broke some leaves off. I’m wondering if any of y’all have had any success with propagating a haworthia zebra leaf, or any tips for succulents in general? Mine was growing really well and I’d hate to waste the fallen leaves I will be putting the ivy in a time-out corner for a little bit because it’s new and should know it’s place, not to break another plant like that /j
  8. Ooo that’s so fancy, I love the play on words too!!!
  9. True, I love snakes so much!!!! I want a corn snake as a pet eventually TPBM has painted their nails recently
  10. I'm happy to be on the aromantic-spectrum; I started figuring it out at a pretty perfect time in my life and it's really helped me not feel super guilty for not being able to reciprocate romantic feelings in the way people want me too. It's also seemed to open up how I feel about intimate relationships (like in a platonic/queerplatonic way mainly) in general
  11. Hmm a poly qpr with three specific people be sounding real nice right about now I just don’t know what do do with this information haha

  12. I'm on Trevorspace, I think I'm out as arospec there? I might not be, I'm significantly less active there than I am here lol. It's for people of the general lgbtq+ community, the user base is mainly younger. It seems aro friendly but there are an insane amount of "Fill out this google form to find your soulmate!!" type matchmakers, so that can be tiring to see. I've used Amino before and generally its ok, it's not my favorite because I've had bad experiences there (totally on me, I was on Amino waaayy too young, nothing against most people there) I'm also bisexual, so if you find a
  13. Omgs that reminds me of my ex. She used an example of some chick who like broke out of prison to see her bf, and said that if I truly loved her I’d do the same to see her (my mom didn’t like her and didn’t let me see her very often at all). Every time she said that I’d just be like “ahaha no I’m not doing that for anybody that’s insane” which I still stand by, her friends thought it was sweet that somebody broke out of prison and killed people for her bf when I was just?? Confused like?? Way to get a life sentence and never see him ever again?? Idk it always confused me and that probably shoul
  14. Gabriel14


    Oh yea thank you, those should help!!
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