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  1. I can almost always tell when someone has a crush on me, before they tell me most of the time. Something about their vibe changes and it’s only been wrong like twice- once I thought someone liked me when they didn’t, and once the opposite happened
  2. I love cuddling with (most of) my friends!! There’s one group I have where we love piling up on top of each other and it’s a super great time (especially for me who’s often on the bottom, one of my comfort stims is pressure and that’s the best kind lmao). I don’t like sleeping with them though (like spooning and stuff, not sex) There’s also my best friend who I absolutely love love cuddling with so much, and I love sleeping with her so much. Her bed is super comfy, first of all, and she just. Fits perfectly in my arms? It’s great and wonderful and I love her so much. (/p)
  3. For some reason I’m becoming increasingly anxious about my ex finding out I’m aromantic, I don’t think they’ll be very kind about it... fortunately I don’t see them ever, but my best friends do and I don’t want them to be in any sort of danger. Not that I *logically* think anything bad would actually happen, but my body do be reacting as though it’s already taking place lmao

  4. I do definately want kids, so I'll leave a lot to them (and my grand-kids or in-laws, depending on how old I am when I die). Hopefully my younger brother, too, and maybe some of my half-siblings if we get closer over our lifetimes. My younger cousins and extended family will get things, and I'll probably end up leaving things to my close friends and charities. I don't know what will go to each person, because I don't know what I'll have when I die and I currently have no money lol. If I have a committed relationship(s) then those will be prioritized along with my kids, but I don't see that happening
  5. Idk if you want label suggestions in response to this, but to me your experience sounds a bit like a combination of frayromantic and recipromantic maybe? Frayromantic (ignotaromantic)- someone who feels romantic attraction only to people they’re not deeply connected with, and they loose that attraction as they get closer. Often seen as “the opposite of demiromantic” Recipromantic- someone who only feels romantic attraction to someone who is romantically attracted to them first
  6. You both might want to look into QPRs (or queerplatonic realtionships), and looking into alterous or queerplatonic attraction might be helpful for him. I think y’all might also want to talk about whether or not you prioritize your crushes/dates over him, y’know? Let him know that he’s not “standing in the way” of anything, and I understand that he doesn’t like talking about this but I strongly encourage it, especially with how important this relationship seems to be to both of you
  7. Probably Shadow Walkers by Brent Hartinger, it's objectively not a great book but it's an easy read and it's always there for me when I need it. Also, I unknowingly stole half of my personality from one of the charachters (Emory) when I was in 5th grade lmao
  8. So when I said this I accidentally lied lol, I put in the wrong IP and then just. Didn't try again for some reason? But I finally got on for a few minutes tonight (not that lont, I have hw) and omgs everyone's builds are so so cool I love it so much
  9. Yea, unfortunately it seems like they might have a crush on you. The only thing I can think of doing in this scenario is either communicate how you feel about him and hope xe gets it (which they should, eventually), distance yourself a bit (not all the way!! Just enough so that they hopefully get the message), or like idk lie about wanting a qpr with a few specific but vague people? Which I don't suggest that one at all lol sounds like it'd end up in a DEH situation. The way you're feeling is completely valid and I'd be feeling the same way in your position. I know it's scary, but I think you might benefit greatly from telling xem about how you're feeling. They might not like it much at first but since y'all are best friends, he should be able to prioritize the already existing relationship over a hypothetical one. And honestly I might be completely wrong, but regardless of how you choose to handle this I hope it works out best for both of you!!! /gen
  10. Oh this is so exciting!! I’ll add it to my server list later today when I get on my laptop, thank you for setting this up for us!!!!
  11. It’s looking pretty good so far!!! I like the “don’t take others’ stuff” rule, maybe extend that to general griefing? Like no destruction of others’ property/buildings and such?
  12. Ohh I love this idea, I play Java personally. I’m kinda bad at Minecraft ngl, but it’s so much fun to play with people, and a server would be really nice for those of us who can’t meet irl or do the Google Meets, y’know?
  13. Am I aromantic? Yes, almost definitely.

    Do I have a Pinterest board filled of mlm couples that make me Feel Some Kind Of Way? Yes absolutely I do 


    (I think it’s mainly gender envy and my bisexuality but idk lol)

    1. Lovebird


      I read so much fanfics of my fave fictional couples lol 

  14. Anyone else getting "[[Template forums/front/forums/topicRowSnippet is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]" whenever they try to open a forum? i'm so confused on what it means and why it's happening, I tried searching it up but computer stuff really isn't my strong suit and that only left me more confused lol.


    (Also welcome back to me, I've had to be offline for the past two weeks or so but I got my laptop back today!! Yay!!!)

    1. Acecream


      Yes, happens to me too

    2. Momo


      Sorry, this one's on me. I pushed some updates out to the site this morning but apparently one of them broke some things a little less obviously than the whole site being down. It should be fixed now.

    3. Gabriel14


      Ah ok, thank you!!!

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