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Heya! I'm Destor :]


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Hello hello dapper folks on this corner of the internet!!


The name's Destor [DEST-ER] or Dee for short, and it's nice to meet ya!

I'm 19 and a cisgender female {she/her}.

My MBTI is INTJ-A, my Enneagram is 1w4, and my Hogwarts House is Slytherin.

I'm bisexual and polyamorous, and questioning arospec, leaning towards the aroflux label.

I've known that I was bi and polyam from a super young age, and I've had a connection to the aroace community in the back of my mind since middle school, but I've only just recently started exploring my romantic orientation {or lack thereof} in the past few months. Who knows where this questioning will take me, but I hope to make some friends along the way :]


I love cats, I could talk about them for an eternity. I also love reading, writing, and making all sorts of art. I'm in loads of fandoms {favorites listed on my Carrd!!} and I love watching YouTube, cartoons, and anime.

Have a wonderful day, peace!

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